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Bathroom Sink Plumbing Services in Minneapolis

Are you pleased with your bathroom sink? It may seem fussy to focus on such a small part of your home, but a nice, properly installed bathroom sink can make all the difference in your daily routine. It should be at the right height and be the correct size so that water doesn’t get all over the floor during use. Moreover, you’ll need to make sure that your pedestal or vanity sink matches the rest of your bathroom aesthetically, and that your faucet is exactly the way you want it to be.

We’re just the company to take care of the job. We can make certain that your bathroom sink plumbing installation, replacement, repair and maintenance needs are thoroughly taken care of so that you can get back to enjoying the various amenities within your home, instead of worrying about them. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our trained and experienced plumbers.

Reach out to our professionals today for all of your bathroom sink plumbing needs in Minneapolis.

Choose the Right Sink for Your Bathroom

An effective bathroom is impossible without a decent sink. It should be large enough to use comfortably when washing your hands and brushing your teeth, and it also needs to fit within the space. Because bathrooms come in a variety of sizes, you’ll want to make sure that yours not only matches your existing décor, but also that it isn’t too large or small. It should be just right.

When you work with a plumber on our team, you’ll be happy to know that we can help you each step of the way. Two of the most popular types of bathroom sinks are the pedestal sink and the vanity sink. As its name suggests, the pedestal sink stands alone on a narrow platform. These come in a staggering range of sizes, colors, materials, and so on. We’ll help you narrow the field. If you have a vanity, or want one, we can make sure that your sink fits.

Troubleshooting Your Bathroom Sink Plumbing

The plumbing of a bathroom sink is relatively basic, but you may encounter trouble at some time or another. We can make sure such issues are resolved quickly, of course, but to do so, we need you to recognize the problem first. One of the most common issues that may arise is a partial clog within the drainpipe or within the trap itself. Over time, soap scum, mineral deposits, hair, and various other debris may glom together to block the flow of wastewater.

Another perennial issue in the bathroom (which also occurs in the kitchen) is the leaky faucet. Why, oh why, does it seem to leak even though the lever or knob is turned off? There are numerous types of faucets, including compression, ceramic–disk, ball–type and cartridge, or sleeve. Each has basically the same function, but each can develop its own distinctive issues. Our plumbers are trained to handle any type that you may own, so give us a call if yours is not working as it should.