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3 Ways a Water Heater Tune-Up Benefits You

We stress the importance of furnace maintenance each year in the fall, as it can help to reduce your monthly utilities and improve your comfort throughout the year. But this is also the time of year we encourage many homeowners to consider water heater maintenance.

Fix or Address Problems before They Come Up During Use

It may seem as if your water heater is a fixture that needs little help performing from year to year. For the most part, it works pretty well, and when it doesn’t, you’ll call a technician.

But wouldn’t it be nice to avoid emergency water heater failures when you need it to work? Wouldn’t you rather call a plumber now than to find out you have a broken system right when you’d planned to take a shower?

With a tune-up, you get a full inspection of the water heater unit, so that you know if there is a cracked dip tube (which is not too time-consuming to fix) or rust in the unit that needs your attention.

Get the Tank or Tankless Parts Descaled

Scaling can affect your water heater in some serious ways. If you have hard water in your home, mineral deposits can build up in the bottom of a tank, and eventually, you might hear a loud banging noise as the water heater runs.

This is caused as pressure buildups when steam bubbles attempt to escape from the mineral debris at the bottom of the tank. It also wears down the bottom of the tank, wearing down the liner and increasing the chances that the tank will ruse. Tankless water heaters also suffer from scaling as buildup on the heat exchanger decreases efficiency and performance.

Check the Anode Rod

During maintenance, a technician should check the water heater’s anode rod. An anode rod is a small metal part, typically made from magnesium or aluminum, which is more corrosive than the materials in the tank. In other words, it will corrode faster than the tank will, essentially drawing away the permanent effects of corrosion. Technicians will check this rod and offer to change it (at cost) if necessary.

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