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Here’s Why You Must Change Your Furnace Filter

It’s just about time to switch over our thermostats to heating for the remainder of the year. But before you do, take a moment to shut your system off. Take out the furnace filter, jot down its sizing specifications, and go to your local hardware store to buy a replacement or two, then replace your old filter before turning the system back on again.

Don’t think you need to do this quite yet? Below, learn why changing the filter every month or two is so important for your home.

It’s About More than Your Health

Here’s something we often hear from homeowners when we remind them that it’s time to change the filter: “Oh, I don’t really have any allergies.” And another common response: “I think the filter is working just fine.”

But the fact of the matter is that a dirty filter affects your heating system in ways that you may not be able to detect. While a furnace filter can take contaminants out of the air that make you sick or sneezy, like dust mites or pollen, it also protects your furnace—when the filter is clean. But when it’s dirty, you may run into some problems.

A Clean Filter Helps Your Furnace

The fact of the matter is that a clean furnace filter is vital to the performance of your system. The furnace is designed to heat a certain amount of air. When a filter gets too clogged up with dust and all the tiny particles floating around in your air, it creates a barrier.

Restricted airflow means your heating system won’t be able to perform at the capacity it was designed for. And that means that the motor may struggle, the system might become overheated, and you’re likely to need repairs this season. You can prevent all of this—and the extra energy bills—simply by changing your filter monthly!

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