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How New Thermostats Are Changing the AC and Heating Industry

Digital-Thermostat-HandIt’s never been easier to be comfortable. When programmable thermostats first hit the market many years ago, the HVAC industry was forever changed. And now, with the advent of smart thermostats from various brands in home comfort and technology, you have more control over your air conditioning and heating than ever before.

Learn about some of the innovative ways new thermostats are changing the way people see air conditioning and heating, and find out why you should consider making the switch.

Learning Thermostats Know Your Schedule

A learning thermostat can get to know your preferences within a short period of time. Many of today’s “smart thermostats” are also learning thermostats, a feature you can turn on or off. Within the first week of ownership, a learning thermostat tracks your preferences: that you like to keep the home cool in the mornings or that you make it as efficient as possible before you leave for work. After a trial period, your thermostat should mostly have you all figured out, but it’s easy to make changes.

Remote Control from Wherever You Are

You can control the temperature in your home no matter where you are right now. Let’s say you know you’ll be home early from work today but the thermostat is programmed to cool the house at 5:30. Simply log onto an app on your smartphone from your desk and lower the temperature sooner. If you’re on vacation but you’ve decided to take an extra day, delay the end of your thermostat’s vacation mode.

Additional Remote Functions

Typically, the smartphone app has other features as well, aside from simply letting you make adjustments and change the programming. Some thermostats can use room sensors to see whether the home is empty, or may even be able to track your phone’s location. Once you have left, they can automatically readjust the temperature to something more energy efficient.

Track Energy Usage and Save

Most smart thermostat applications allow you to keep track of your energy usage as well. They can let you see what times of day you use the most AC and heat and help you to decide what changes can be made to save money throughout the year. There are plenty of ways to save money with the right smart thermostat, and most people notice an overall savings within a couple of months, even if no other upgrades were made to the air conditioner.

Should You Upgrade?

Here’s the thing: your current thermostat may work just fine the way it is! Thermostats tend to last a long time—often decades, if they are the type with a manual control. But that manual control is costing you!

Your current thermostat makes it difficult to change settings throughout the day as needed, to choose efficient thermostat settings, or even to get the temperature precisely where you need it. In most cases, it’s not a matter of whether a person has to upgrade the thermostat, but whether or not they are ready to change the way they use energy and stay comfortable.

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