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Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

It’s one of the most frustrating plumbing issues that you can have while you are trying to go about with daily tasks. You turn on the kitchen sink to rinse a dish, only to get a slow stream from the faucet. You try to take a relaxing shower after a long day, but the water pressure is so low that you only feel annoyance. There are actually several possible causes for this common problem, most of which can and should be determined by a professional plumber. Take a look at a few of the most common reasons for a sudden water pressure drop.

  • Debris in the Aerator – Is the water pressure problem limited to a single faucet? If so, it may be a problem you can handle on your own. Unscrew the tip of the faucet and look for the simple screen attachment. You can try rinsing this screen out if the debris is visible, or you may need to soak it in vinegar to get it clean.
  • Water Leaks – Even if the problem is contained to a single faucet, there may be a leak from the pipes that you cannot see. It’s imperative that you have a plumber check your pipes right away if you suspect a leak.
  • Scale Build Up – Scale—mineral deposits that are present in homes with “hard water”—can build in the pipes and eventually restrict the flow of water, which reduces your water pressure. A plumber may be able to de-scale the pipes or fixtures, but you may require a plumbing replacement if the problem has gone on for too long. A water softener can help to prevent this.
  • Valves Need Adjustment – There are pressure regulators throughout your plumbing system, any of which may become misadjusted over time. You may want to have a plumber check these, especially if you’re not familiar with the layout of your plumbing.

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