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Preventing Frozen Pipes: Keep Your Plumbing Protected!

One concern that many homeowners in colder climates have to worry about is frozen water pipes. Freezing pipes can burst, either due to the expansion of water within them or the rush of water pressure when they begin to thaw. This can result in thousands of dollars in repairs in some cases. Prevent pipes from freezing in the first place by flowing our guide.

Shut off and drain outdoor faucets

Freezing is more likely to occur in outdoor areas, unsheltered from the chill of winter. Shut off the water to the outdoors and drain all outdoor faucets and sprinkler lines. Remove hoses and other outdoor faucet connections and store for the winter. Keep the outdoor faucets open in case there is any water remaining.

Make sure warm air can reach the pipes

Do your best to see that any area of the home that your plumbing system runs through has warm air. Open cabinet doors on the coldest days to see that heat reaches underneath the sink, and keep doors open if you want to ensure heat is circulating throughout the home. Keep the heat on while you are away and while you are asleep, and call a technician to repair your heater as soon as you notice an issue.

Insulate pipes in unheated areas

If pipes run through any part of your home that doesn’t have a supply vent heating it, such as a crawlspace or a garage, you can insulate the pipes using a fitted pipe sleeve or heat tape. Any material is better than none, and some homeowners even wrap large amounts of newspaper around exposed pipe to help keep them warm. Call a technician for help or for more information, and consider relocating pipes if freezing is a frequent issue.

Take precautions during a vacation

When you plan to go on vacation for a long period of time, we recommend that you shut off the water main valve. However, you should still leave the heat on to a setting higher that 60°, and you might consider having a friend check on your home from time to time.

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