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Prevent Freeze Breaks at Outdoor Faucets: Follow these Steps

If you are a homeowner, you most likely have an outdoor faucet that you use to connect your hose when watering plants on your property. It’s easy to forget about this faucet when winter comes and nobody needs to use it. But in the winter, ice can damage your hose and your faucet, potentially leading to hundreds of dollar in repair and replacement costs. Don’t forget to disconnect your hose and drain your faucet this year. Learn more in the steps outlined below!

Disconnect the Hose

Disconnecting and draining the hose in the fall is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent winter damages. Be sure the hose is completely drained of water—especially if you plan to leave it outdoors, in a shed, or somewhere it is vulnerable to the cold. Water expands when it freezes. Because ice in the hose occupies more space than water, the hose could expand upon freezing and split apart, meaning you will need to replace it in the spring.

Turn Off the Water

Turn off the water to the outdoors by locating the water shutoff valve that leads there. There should be a water shutoff valve inside of your home that specifically controls the outside faucet(s). Keep this shut off throughout the winter.

Drain the Remaining Water

Finally, you need to drain the rest of the water from the faucet in order to keep the fixture from freezing. Standing water left behind in the faucet through winter may freeze and expand, forcing the faucet to break away from the pipes and the wall. Simply turn on the faucet and allow the rest of the water to vacate the fixture.

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