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Install a Garbage Disposal Before the Holiday Season

So you’ve lived without a working garbage disposal for a while, and you seem to be getting on just fine. But as the holidays approach, you may start to wonder: “Can I make it through a Thanksgiving dinner without a garbage disposal to speed up the cleaning process?”

And honestly, we don’t recommend it. Garbage disposals do make cleanup faster. But perhaps more importantly, they can help to protect your pipes, especially at times when there’s a higher chance of food making its way into the drains.

Make things easier

During the holiday season, it’s not surprising that quite a bit of food can move into the drains, even if only by mistake. You may keep covers over the drains, but the high volume of food could push particles to strain through.

Besides, you can’t really control what your guests are doing at the kitchen sink—and many people just aren’t used to a kitchen sink without a garbage disposal, and aren’t quite sure how to handle it. They may end up throwing some food down the drains simply because they don’t know, and you don’t want to be following your guests around with a trash can all day.

Using a garbage disposal is simply easier. When you’re cooking, you don’t have to worry so much about collecting chunks of food and putting them in the trash can or about what might happen if food falls into the sink. And you won’t have to take the trash out so often either.

Keep pipes from clogging

Besides, having a garbage disposal may be better for your pipes. Breaking food up into tiny bits before it travels down the pipes is the best way to keep it from sticking to the inside of your piping and causing a major mess should sewage back up into your home.

While there are still foods you should avoid putting into the disposal (like bones, seeds, and anything fibrous that could wrap around the disposal impellers), you’ll get peace of mind knowing your pipes are a little safer.

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