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A sump pump is a vital feature of many homes, helping to stop the basement from flooding before it ever starts. If you’ve got a sump pump protecting your basement, you assume it will always work when you need it. But this isn’t always the case.

If your sump pump is not working properly, you won’t know until your basement is flooding. That is, unless you have it inspected for safety and performance. Here’s what you should know.

Exterior Damage May Be Dangerous

If there is any damage the outside portion of your pump, it could get into the system as your basement is flooding, stopping the system from working and potentially doing some damage to your electrical system as well.

If you call a technician to inspect your sump pump, they can examine any exterior cracks and see whether they compromise the performance of your pump. If so, they’ll likely recommend a system replacement. While the added cost is not ideal, the peace of mind is certainly much better than the cost of restoring your basement after some major water damage.

Can You Test It on Your Own?

When a technician comes to test your sump pump, they’ll look for safety issues and test the operation of the system. It is more difficult for someone without any experience to recognize problems, but it is not too difficult to give a system a test run.

  1. First, check the drainpipe that leads outside of the home and make sure it is not clogged up with debris. If it is, remove what you can.
  2. Pour some water into the pit to make sure that the pump activates. Slowly add more to make sure it’s draining at a reasonable volume.

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