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Check Your Sump Pump Today

Your sump pump works behind the scenes to keep your house protected from flooding. But because it’s not in your direct view, you may not realize when your pump is not up for the job. Like any device, your sump pump can run into trouble at some point in time. And it’s important that you check up on it from time to time to see that your home remains protected.

Checking for External Damage

The most important thing is that you make sure the sump pump is working properly. But any level of external damage should alert you to a problem. If the encasement is cracked or if there appears to be some level of water damage, we don’t recommend running the pump just yet. You may want to call a professional to check out the damage and see whether it is safe to run. Or, if your sump pump is over a decade old, it may be time for a replacement anyway.

Ensuring Water Can Drain

Typically, water collects in a sump pit in your basement, and it’s pumped outdoors via a discharge pipe to drain naturally with the slope of your property. The outer portion of the discharge pipe could collect leaves and other debris. When testing your sump pump, you should first go outside, peer through the opening of the pipe, and see that it is clear.

Testing the Pump

Testing the pump is a rather simple job, but so important. You don’t want to find out your sump pump isn’t working when there’s a flood on your property! Fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and slowly pour it into the pit. Eventually, the switch should activate and begin pumping water out of your basement.

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