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4 Tips for Using Your Garbage Disposal Properly

A garbage disposal is an important plumbing fixture that can help you see fewer drain clogs throughout the years. Furthermore, this fixture makes your time in the kitchen go a lot faster and seem a lot less tedious. With fewer trips to the trash can and less of a mess, your garbage disposal is nearly essential for your way of life, but it must be used properly to effectively reduce drain clogs. Here are 4 tips for using your garbage disposal to better protect your pipes and the unit.

  • Save harder items for the trash can. Harder food items and food scraps such as meat bones or popcorn kernels should always be avoided, as should anything else you couldn’t chew with your teeth. Any food wrappers or packaging also belong in the garbage; don’t risk the functionality of your disposal for the sake of convenience.
  • Some foods are not suitable for the disposal or your pipes. Some of the foods that aren’t suitable for your pipes may surprise you, such as pasta and rice (which can expand in the drains) and fats, oils and grease (which build up in the pipes when they cool and solidify). You should also avoid fibrous food items (celery, asparagus, onion skins, etc.) or at least chop them into smaller chunks so they cannot wrap around the disposal blades.
  • Use cold water each time you run the disposal. No matter what steps you take to prevent it, some amount of grease can still get into the drains. Cold water can help to solidify it sooner so that it can easily break apart and move down the drain.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning. Food residue can linger on your disposal unit, and you should never reach into the drains to clean it. Instead, try putting baking soda into the drain followed by some vinegar. If the smell persists, call a plumber.

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