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4 Things to Know about Your Garbage Disposal

You probably use your garbage disposal nearly every night if you’re the cook for your family (or if you’re the dishwasher). It’s an important plumbing component, but there are many misconceptions surrounding it and how to care for it. Below, we detail some things we think every homeowner should know about the disposal unit.

It Isn’t Very Sharp

One common misconception about garbage disposals is that the blades are actually sharp, like very good knives. This isn’t really true at all. The fins of the garbage disposal don’t chop through food—they break food up into little pieces. If you couldn’t chew it with your teeth, it doesn’t belong in the garbage disposal.

It Works Better on Cold

Cold water is typically the better choice for running a garbage disposal than hot. That’s because running the cold water gives fat and grease a chance to solidify, so it may be broken apart by your garbage disposal before it moves down the drain.

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are a major threat to your drains, and you want to avoid pouring them in whenever possible. In case they do get in there, though, cold water in combination with the disposal makes them easier to process.

You Can Clean It

If you want to clean your garbage disposal, you don’t have to reach in there to do it (and we NEVER recommend this, even if you think the disposal is off). You can just pour some baking soda in there and follow it up with some vinegar.

There’s a Reset Button

This isn’t news to some homeowners, but it’s very useful advice to others. The reset button is underneath the sink, and it may have popped out. If the disposal has broken, try pushing it back in.

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