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Supplement Your Heating System with a Whole-Home Humidifier!

During the winter, the chill of winter may not be the only thing making you uncomfortable. Humidity levels in the air have an impact on our comfort, and in the winter especially, dry air can become a problem. In fact, low humidity levels can have a damaging effect on your health as well.

The Trouble with Low Humidity

Low levels of humidity can make it a lot more difficult to get comfortable, potentially making the air feel even cooler than the actual temperature of the room. But that’s not the only issue associated with dry air. Here are some other reasons people choose to install whole-house humidifiers in their HVAC systems:

  • Moderate-to-severe dry skin and chapped, cracked lips, along with the need to purchase bottle after bottle of lotion and lots of tubes of lip balm.
  • Cracking or chipping furniture or even walls.
  • Sinus problems, bloody noses, and an increase in respiratory symptoms from a preexisting condition like asthma.
  • Frequent illnesses among your family members, prolonged illnesses, and an inability to feel relief from cold and flu symptoms.

Why We Recommend Whole-Home Humidifiers

When you decide that humidity levels are just too low to handle, you might compare humidifiers and consider a small, portable, plug-in unit. But we recommend against this if low humidity has become too much of a problem to ignore.

Whole-home humidifiers work together with your HVAC systems to keep humidity levels within an acceptable range (typically 30-50%). You need a professional to install a whole-house humidifier, but these systems are easier to maintain, and you can have a technician check out the system during your annual HVAC system maintenance visits.

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