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Our Best Advice for Home Humidifiers

dripping-water-dropsDry air only adds more trouble when temperatures outside of the home are nearly unbearable. Thankfully, you have your home heating system to keep you warm, but can it do anything about the dry air? The answer is…not much. It doesn’t actually add any moisture back into the home and can, in fact, take away from humidity levels a bit.

Dry air leads to dry skin, chapped lips, increased instances of illness, and general discomfort. That’s why many homeowners purchase a separate humidifier to keep the home as comfortable as possible. Looking for some advice on what to purchase or how to care for it? We’re here for you.

Whole-home systems work the best

First, you should know that a portable humidifier is just not effective at solving most of the problems associated with dry winter air. If you are sick and lying in bed (with the bedroom door shut) a plug-in humidifier may help. But we think you deserve a home that is just the right level of humidity. Whole-home humidifier systems connect with your heater to send moisture out to the home as needed.

Humidifier capacity is important

You cannot simply pick out the least expensive whole-house humidifier and assume it will work as needed. You have to find a system that is the correct capacity, or size, for the space in your home. Otherwise, you simply waste water and energy on a system that cannot displace the dry air throughout the home. Water vapor may dissipate before it makes much of a difference for your comfort.

Find an automated system

A thermostat turns off your heater when you no longer need it and turns it on when temperatures in the home drop. A humidistat works in a similar way. Ideal humidity levels are anywhere from about 30-50%. A humidistat will shut off the humidifier when you no longer need it and turn it on as necessary for energy efficiency. Look for a system with an automated humidistat!

Professional installation is vital

Yes, portable humidifiers can simply be filled with water and plugged into the wall, but as discussed above, this isn’t the best type of humidifier for most homes. When it comes to whole-house humidifiers, you need a professional to get everything into place, properly connected to your HVAC system and sized for your home. Furthermore, you can ensure your system is properly sized and fitted to your home with the help of professional installers.

Routine maintenance is key

Routine heating maintenance often includes maintenance for your humidifier too. Still, you should look through your manual or talk to your technician to find out what you should do for your system. You should keep the system clean to avoid the growth of mold and mildew and change the humidifier pads when necessary. It’s also important to know how to turn the system off so that water vapor does not enter your air come summer.

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