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4 Indoor Air Quality Improvements for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is made worse by a heating system that recirculates contaminated air as it runs. If you’re looking for ways to clean the air and make your home a healthier place to be when cold and flu season hits, check out our expert tips.

#1: Change the Air Filter

Of course, you cannot expect to have your air cleaned if there is no air moving throughout your home. Dirty air filters clog up the airstream and don’t allow for proper air filtration. Dirty air filters may also be home to bacteria. Change your air filter monthly, although you may not want to rely on filters alone to clean the air.

#2: Consider a UV Air Purifier

We recommend supplementing your air filters with a UV air purification system installed in the HVAC system. Some of the smallest contaminants are the most harmful—living things such as bacteria and viruses. These are so small, they are often able to slip through a filter, or even multiply on the filter. Ultraviolet light kills these microorganisms on contact, so that they are harmless to breathe in (since they cannot multiply).

#3: Humidify

One of the main contributors to illness in a home during cold and flu season is dry air. Low humidity levels weaken your immune system’s defense mechanisms, since it dries out your mucus membranes. Adding humidity to the air—via a whole-house humidifier—can help you get over a cold faster and prevent one too.

#4: Ventilation

When you run the heater or the air conditioner, you’re basically recirculating the same stale, polluted air over and over again. Adding ventilation would help, but opening a door or window would decrease the efficiency of your comfort system. A heat recovery ventilator (or HRV) can help. This type of ventilation system brings in fresh air, preheating (or cooling) it so that it does not take away much from the efficiency of your comfort system.

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