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3 Heating System Improvements to Help Combat Cold and Flu Season

During the cold and flu season, you want to do everything you can to prevent illness and keep your family members as healthy as possible. And one of the easy ways to make your home a healthier environment to be in is to change your air filter. A dirty filter affects your air quality and the performance of your heating system. Change your air filter each month to keep your family healthy and comfortable.

How a Dirty Air Filter Affects Your Home

When your air filter is dirty, your family members have to breathe in harmful particles that can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms, and even those that spread illness. It can also make it difficult for your heating system to run properly, since it becomes more difficult for the blower to pull in air. The system can become overworked, and parts of your heater can wear down quickly. Changing the air filter (or cleaning a reusable one) can actually help to save you money in system repairs or premature unit replacements.

Keep Your Air Clean

An air filter does help to keep your air a little bit cleaner, but there are still many particles that can get through the standard home filter. Keep your air even cleaner by selecting a filter with a higher MERV rating for your next replacement.

You can also install a separate air cleaning system for additional protection from particles circulating in the air. We recommend UV lights to kill off germs circulating in your HVAC system. Additionally, a humidifier can add enough moisture to the air to help your body recover from illnesses faster and to make your home more comfortable.

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