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Why Is My Heating System Making Noise?

With plenty of cold weather still ahead of us in Minnetonka, MN, your heating system is likely getting quite the workout. Perhaps you’ve even heard some noise coming from it. It’s important to not assume that the noise is due to how much you’re using the system. Some noises are indicative of fairly minor repair needs, while others could be signs of more serious problems. Read on to discover what different heating system noises mean.


This noise could be due to a problem with your furnace’s blower motor. Perhaps there is a bad belt or a problem with the motor bearing. These issues do not require an expensive repair, but should be taken care of ASAP. Delaying repair could cause the belt to break, and then your blower will not turn.


This usually means that a component in your heating system is coming loose, or the blower is out of alignment. If the noise turns into a loud banging, chances are something has broken or become disconnected. If this is the case, you should shut your system off until you are able to have a professional come in to inspect and repair the system.


Clicking noises are typical when your heating system cycles on and off. However, repeated clicking sounds coming from your HVAC unit’s control panel or outside compressor could be indicative of a defective relay. There could also be an electrical control issues causing the relay to timeout and fail.

Rattling From Outside Unit/Fan Unit

When the fan turns on in your outdoor compressor, it shouldn’t rattle. If it does, you could be dealing with loose hardware or a failing motor. The louder the sound becomes, the more serious a problem you likely have on your hands. If the rattling turns more into a scream or hum, your compressor or starting capacitor may be failing.

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