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Why Does a Boiler Need a Tune-Up?

Boilers get a lot of praise in the HVAC world, since they tend to do a more sufficient job of heating a space than a standard forced-air heater (like a furnace or a heat pump). People love the fact that they feel the warmth as soon as they step on the floor, since heat radiates, transferring directly to the people and objects in the room rather than heating the air.

And because boilers are so effective—and very durable—some people think they don’t need the same level of maintenance as other heating systems. We think this is a mistake. Here’s how a boiler tune-up can help you and your home and family.

Stay Safe

One major reason to schedule a boiler tune-up is to keep your family and your home safer. Every fuel burning system produces carbon monoxide, although it should vent out of the home. But the ventilation system could fail you, allowing some amount of carbon monoxide to leak into the home. Technicians will check whether you are at risk so that your family is protected from this toxic gas.

Save Money

Annual boiler tune-ups can help you to save money year after year. With each passing season, components of your boiler wear down, and they cannot run as smoothly as they once did. With an annual tune-up, some adjustments are made to the system that allow for greater efficiency and that help to prevent costly repairs.

Stay Warmer for Longer

Annual maintenance visits may help your heater to last longer. Throughout the season, the chances of a system breakdown are much lower, since you get any issues resolved before you need your boiler to work at its best. Checking the pumps, thermostats, and more each and every year and making the necessary repairs may help your boiler to have a much longer lifespan.

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