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Rumbling Noises from Your Boiler and What They Mean

The way a boiler works is not too difficult to understand. Combustion occurs at the burner, which generates heat, which transfers to the water in the tank, which is pumped throughout your home. There are, of course, many other components that assist in regulating temperature and pressure and ensuring the water gets from point A to point B, but those are the basics.

People love their boilers because radiant heat that fills a room with warmth is considered more effective and efficient than forced-air heating—the kind you get when you have a furnace and vents. They also love that boilers are long-lasting and rarely run into trouble. But when they do, the results can be scary.

A Loud Rumbling or Groaning Noise

This is the most common noise that homeowners describe from a boiler tank. It’s also described as a knocking noise. It can sound almost ominous, and many people worry that the boiler might explode.

Luckily this is uncommon, and safety features on the boiler help to prevent it. Still, it’s not very safe, and it indicates that something is very wrong with your boiler. It many soon shut off, and you want to avoid that at all costs.

Your Boiler Should Not Boil

The name of a boiler is misleading, because a boiler should never actually boil. That sound is due to kettling, what happens when there is a buildup of sediment in the bottom of the boiler tank. This reduces the volume of water available in the tank and causes steam bubbles to rise up vigorously to the top of the tank.

This is not the way it should be operating. The buildup of pressure will eventually become a problem, efficiency suffers, the boiler may break down, and the noise is no picnic either. Call in a plumber to flush your tank, and ensure your safety and comfort.

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