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Our BOGO Tune-Up Offer for Furnaces and Water Heaters!

Take advantage of this limited time offer and save big throughout the year. Furnaces and water heaters need the occasional tune-up so that they can run as efficiently as possible. And right now, we’re offering a special limited-time offer to help you save even more.

This buy-one-get-one deal helps you to save all year round and right now on valuable inspections and tune-ups that make your home run more efficiently—and that help you feel safe. Pay just $69 to get your water heater and your furnace into the best possible shape for the rest of the year!

How a Furnace Tune-Up Helps Your Home

Furnaces use gas, and that means there is always a small possibility that gas or carbon monoxide could leak into your home. It’s important to have annual safety inspections for your furnace—preferably early in the year, although it’s never too late to look out for your family’s health.

A furnace tune-up includes some critical adjustments that help the unit run more smoothly. Electrical connections may need tightening, the blower may need cleaning, or there may be a larger repair necessary that you can schedule for a later date. All-in-all, your furnace is in better shape, so you won’t have to worry so much about sudden heating system breakdowns. And only a professional heating technician knows the right way to fine-tune your furnace.

Why Water Heater Tune-Ups Are Important

A water heater needs a tune-up from time to time too. Water heaters don’t run seamlessly forever. They have gas components as well, which means it’s important to get a safety check each year—just like it is for a furnace.

In addition, the tank can corrode more quickly if everything is not in order. And that means you will need to replace your furnace far sooner than you should need to. Technicians will check the anode rod and more to see if anything can be done to slow the rate of corrosion. They make adjustments to temperature and pressure settings as needed, and they will inspect the system and let you know whether it needs replacement.

VOGT Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides heating and water heater services in Minneapolis, MN. Check out our special BOGO tune-up offer—a furnace and water heater tune-up for the price of one—only $69 for a limited time.

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