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Is Your Furnace Safe for the Winter?

Are you worried about the safety of your heating system? We’d like to ease your fears; today’s furnaces are quite safe, as we detail below. But you cannot feel confident that yours is performing as smoothly and securely as possible without proper maintenance and installation from a trained technician. Read more about proper home safety for the heating season from today’s short guide.

Today’s furnaces are safer than ever before

Thankfully, modern furnaces are built to be as safe as possible. Cracked heat exchangers are occasionally a concern, as they might allow carbon monoxide (CO) to leak into the home. But new standards for installation and manufacturing have helped to reduce instances of leakage. Additionally, safety switches can help to keep problems from leading to a potential gas leak or fire hazard. A flame sensor, for example, shuts off the system if no flame is detected after ignition, preventing a dangerous gas leak.

However, proper maintenance is necessary

Even with all of the modern advancements found in furnaces today, a professional should look at your heating system each year just to be safe. A punctured heat exchanger is not always obvious, and carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. A technician will check this part and all of your safety switches and controls with an annual inspection and maintenance visit.

Take steps to prevent problems in your home

Besides annual maintenance visits from qualified professionals, you should also take some steps of your own to ensure your home is safe. Changing the filter monthly is one of the easiest ways to keep the heater running properly and prevent failure. But you should also check all of your smoke detectors and CO detectors in order to protect your family. In addition, pay attention to any obvious signs that your furnace is struggling and call a technician ASAP.

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