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Does Your Heater Need Repairs?

If so, it’s important to get them under control ASAP! The longer you wait to repair your heating system, the worse the problem can get. The other components of your heater start to wear away as they work a bit harder to make up for the broken part, so you might end up paying a lot when you wait.

Besides, you don’t want to deal with a broken-down heater in the middle of winter, right? Know how to tell your heater needs repair in today’s guide.

Signs You Should Call for Heater Repair

Even the “smallest” problem with your heater deserves professional attention. Don’t wait for a system breakdown to get your heater the services it needs! Call professional heating system technicians if you notice…

  • Loud noises, which could indicate kettling in a boiler or blower motor issues in a furnace.
  • Low temperatures that could be credited to any number of issues, from a dirty filter to a major electrical problem.
  • Turning on and off too frequently. This problem is dangerous, as it could indicate a safety switch on the system is getting triggered due to improper ventilation or other hazards.

Get Prepared with a Maintenance Visit

Haven’t turned your heater on much at all yet this year? Not sure whether there are any problems with your heating system? That’s what a maintenance visit is for. When there are no obvious signs that a heater needs repair, maintenance helps to identify hidden issues and get the system in shape for colder weather.

We recommend scheduling heating maintenance well in advance of colder weather. Now is the perfect time! An annual heating system tune-up and inspection helps your heater in so many ways…

  • Restores efficiency.
  • Keeps your home safe.
  • Improves comfort.
  • Identifies and prevents repair needs.

VOGT Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is here for all of your heating needs in Plymouth! Call our friendly team for exceptional customer service.

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