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How to Care for Your Heater This Late in the Season

technician's hands working on heaterFor the most part, our weather stays pretty predictable throughout the year. However as we transition into spring, we can be surprised by really warm weather, or a couple more weeks of chilly weather. If the former happens, you’ll probably be tempted to shut off your heating system for the season and not give it another thought. However, if you have any heating repair needs that require attention, delaying them could be a big mistake!

Ignoring any sort of heater problem can cause it to turn into a much bigger issue, leaving you with a broken down heater next year when you need it, or, depending on the circumstances, a malfunctioning air conditioner as well. But how do you know if you have heater problems that need addressing? Keep reading below to learn some of the symptoms of heating system problems.

Watch for These Symptoms of Heater Malfunctions

  • Your Home Has Drafts: Perhaps you’ve noticed that your home isn’t heating up as fast as it used to, or you find cold spots in certain spaces of your home. If so, it might be that your heater is declining in performance. But it could also be something else, such as an issue with a miscalibrated thermostat or damaged ductwork—both of which will also impact your air conditioner this spring and summer.
  • The Heater Is Making Weird Noises: No matter how mild the sound may seem, if your heater is making a noise you’ve never heard before, you are right to be concerned. A few sounds in particular that should warrant a repair call right away include a mechanical clanging or banging, hissing and clicking, or just general noisy operation.
  • Last Month’s Bill Was Higher than It Should Have Been: A rise in heating bills over the winter months is natural. However what you shouldn’t see is a sudden spike, or a dramatic increase over what you paid last year—this is a sign that your heater isn’t working as efficiently as it once did.
  • The Heater Is Short-Cycling: Short-cycling describes the process in which your HVAC system turns on and shuts off rapidly, increasing the wear and tear on the system. It’s worth mentioning that if you have a relatively newer heater and have always experienced this symptom, it probably means the system is too large for your home. Be sure to talk to our technicians about your options if this is the case.

Even if you only end up needing your heating system a little bit in the coming month or two, it’s a smart idea to have repairs done as soon as they’re needed.

Letting a heater sit in wait throughout the spring and summer with lingering repair needs can result in a large, and expensive, hassle for you when you need the system again in the fall. You’re likely to find yourself facing unexpected issues that require immediate attention, at the peak time with HVAC technicians are busy with all sorts of heating calls.

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