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Try This Before Calling a Tech for Heating Repair

natural-gas-furnace-burnersWe’ve been there so many times. A homeowner calls us for heating repair, and then, once we show up and describe the problem, they realize it’s something that could have been easily resolved. Our heating technicians are always happy to help, of course, when your heating system is broken down. And you should get the heating system fixed the moment you notice an issue.

However, there are a few things you can and should try before you call for heating repairs. Today, we want to describe the first steps you can take when a furnace stops working, so that you can make sure you haven’t called in a technician for no reason.

Try This If the Furnace Has Broken Completely

If the heating system has completely broken down, you may feel that all hope is lost. But before you jump to conclusions, you should remember that even a very minor electrical problem can cause the heater to stop turning on completely. Try these steps before assuming the worst, and your furnace troubles may have an easy solution.

  • Triple check the thermostat. Are you sure that the heater is on? Is the temperature setting higher than the room temperature right now? You don’t want to call a technician without feeling certain!
  • Replace the batteries. If your thermostat has no display, you might need a new set of batteries.
  • Reset the circuit breaker. A circuit breaker switch may have tripped, but it’s simple to reset it if it’s properly labelled. (If not, you may need to check each one.)

Try This If the Furnace Is Struggling

If the furnace simply does not work as it’s supposed to, it’s not something you can ignore. Waiting too long to have a technician repair the issue can lead to further trouble later on, meaning an accumulation of repair costs. But if it turns out you can solve the problem yourself, you’ll save all that trouble. Try these steps first and foremost.

  • Switch off the fan mode. “Fan only” mode indicates that the fan is running but the electronic ignition system is not engaged. Of course, a fan alone cannot heat your home, so while you hear the fan running you may not feel any more comfortable.
  • Replace the filter. Heating system struggling to start up? Feeling a lack of airflow or heat? It may be a clogged filter blocking air from flowing through the HVAC system.
  • Open air vents. It’s possible that someone has shut off one or two of the air vents in the home. Not only will this keep air from flowing throughout; it will also lead to potential problems within your HVAC system, which is designed for a set amount of airflow.

For anything that cannot easily be fixed or reset, you must call a heating technician. If you allow a heating issue to go on  for too long, it could break down in the middle of the night, or while you have company over. Prevent the problem from getting any worse by calling a qualified heating technician ASAP.

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