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A Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining a Furnace

When it’s finally that time in the year to run your furnace, you expect everything to run properly when you first switch it on. But over the course of the last year, a furnace has likely developed some level of wear and tear—from dirt on the fan and filters to a loose connection that can lead to poor performance. Clean and maintain your furnace each year in order to keep it in top shape, but you should know that a professional technician can do it best.

Choose Professionals

We do not recommend that you attempt to perform general maintenance on a furnace by yourself. Improper reassembly of the system could be damaging to the system, or even dangerous for your home. Although you can and should change your filter every month or 3 months, this is not the only step involved in maintaining a furnace. Each year, it’s a good idea to schedule professional service to learn about any problems within the system and to fine tune the parts so they can work in optimal condition.


Dirt is something of a nemesis to your furnace, potentially interfering with the operation of your heating system. Dirt in the blower assembly can clog up the system, and dirt in the filter stops airflow from reaching the unit and your home. The blower should be thoroughly cleaned, as should any mechanical part that could malfunction with too much dirt.

General Maintenance

Cleaning is not the only thing that happens during a maintenance visit. Additionally, a technician will make some adjustments to your heating system so that it can continue to perform at its best. This may mean temperature adjustments, thermostat calibrations, tightening electrical connections and lubricating motors. If an inspection reveals any major issues, your technician should inform you so that you can schedule the proper services.

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