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4 Signs a Boiler Is Failing

boiler-pressure-gaugeIf you have a good, strong boiler heating your home, count yourself among the most comfortable people in the area. Boilers are incredibly popular overseas, but many homes in our area are outfitted with older furnaces that simply do not do a sufficient job of heating a home. A boiler delivers hot water through pipes and under floors to quickly heat up a room and the objects in it, making it one of the most effective and efficient means of home heating.

However, that doesn’t mean a boiler is invincible. Boilers are quite durable, and it may be true that they typically do not require much in terms of maintenance. They do break down eventually, though, just like any other system. It’s important that you be able to read the signs, so you’re not stuck with a malfunctioning system when you really need it!

#1: Leaking

If a boiler starts leaking from the tank, it likely needs to be replaced. This is the result of corrosion that wears down the tank lining and, unfortunately, there’s no reliable way to stop this corrosion from failing. It’s a chemical process that, once started, can be the end for your older boiler.

The good news is that routine maintenance can help to prevent this from happening by keeping water treated. In addition, if a leak is not coming from the tank itself, it’s probably not too big of a deal. Leaking from a valve, for example, only means you’ll have to replace that valve.

#2: Several Repairs in a Short Time Period

If you find yourself making several repairs to the boiler in a short period of time, it could be the system’s way of warning of inevitable failure. You can keep replacing the boiler piece by piece, but this isn’t sustainable. The boiler will be full of mismatched parts and is likely to fail eventually. It’s much more expensive to replace a boiler one piece at a time than to replace it all at once!

#3: Fuel Cost

Have you noticed that your boiler is going through more fuel than it ever has before? Sometimes, technicians find a simple fix for this, such as cleaning off burners or replacing an ignition switch. However, if your system consistently uses more fuel than your neighbors’ boilers, especially if you have a very old system (as we’ll discuss next), you may be better off with a replacement. Modern boilers are more efficient than ever!

#4: Age

Finally, the age of your boiler may not be the final factor in your decision to let go, but it should at least factor in. The truth is that after decades of using the same boiler, it becomes less safe, less efficient, and more trouble than its worth. If you’re making repair after repair, paying high bills, and not even feeling comfortable with all the effort, a replacement boiler could be your best bet. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though!

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