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3 Facts about Your Home’s Furnace

There are some misconceptions surrounding furnaces, the most common whole-home heating systems in the country. We want to clear up a few of these so that homeowners know a little bit about the basics of one of the most important systems to their home comfort. However, if you do experience problems with your heater, be sure to contact a professional technician.

It probably doesn’t have a standing pilot

Decades ago, manufacturers stopped making standing pilot lights the norm in furnaces. A standing pilot must remain lit at all times, throughout the winter, so that you can always get heat. Today, electronic ignition is much more common—in which a spark ignites the burners when the system calls for heat.

If your system is decades old, it might still have a pilot light. A quality technician knows how to fix any furnace—old or new—and when to recommend a replacement.

There is a delay before the furnace starts up

Some homeowners have concerns when they notice that, after they turn on the thermostat, the furnace does not appear to start up. The familiar hum of the blower fan cannot be heard for several seconds. But this is normal, and it ensures that the air moving into your home is warm. The fan and limit switch ensures that the fan does not turn on until the inside of the furnace plenum reaches a certain temperature.

Your furnace needs maintenance

Finally, you should know that even the best furnaces require professional maintenance services. A furnace that is well maintained can last for longer, run more efficiently, and need fewer repairs over its life. You should change the air filter once a month AND schedule professional services each and every year, for your safety and comfort.

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