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Our Best Advice for Clogged Drains

drain-sink-waterWhat’s the most annoying problem you come across as a homeowner? While mortgage payments may come at the top of your list of grievances, we’re willing to bet that drain clogs leave you saying, “Why me?!” Clogged drains are a major pain point for most of us, especially when you don’t know how to effectively tackle the problem.

Sometimes, you will need to call in a plumber to work on your clogged drains and provide professional drain cleaning. The problem may be further along in the drain and sewer pipes than you would think. Often, though, you simply need a little bit of elbow grease (and a few supplies from the local hardware store or grocery). Here’s our best advice for unclogging your drains!

Don’t Forget about Plungers!

When kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtubs clog up, many people forget that the plunger is an option! It’s not just for toilets. While it may not be able to do anything for a grease clog far along the drain or a hair clog lodged in the trap, some sources of blockage may be dislodged.

Sinks and tubs benefit from a standard plunger. Toilets are better off with a specialized plunger with an extra cuplike flange attachment at the bottom. (You can find these at the hardware store.)

Perfect your technique. Get a bit of water to fill up in the plunger. (in other words, don’t just plunge with air.) Repeat with a strong pushing and pulling motion up to dozens of times, and be persistent!

Try a Natural Solution

Drain cleaning chemicals are dangerous, and they can actually destroy the lining of the pipes. Plumbers never recommend these, especially since they may only end up dissolving some substances (like hair) and pushing parts of a clog down the drain a bit further.

May we recommend a natural solution instead? A combination of baking soda and vinegar often does the trick! Like your classic elementary school volcano, it’s important to put the baking soda in first (about a half-cup). Then top it off with a cup of vinegar. You’ll notice it bubbling. Wait 10-15 minutes before adding in some boiling hot water. This may do the trick!

Other Home Solutions

Otherwise, you may want to try a standard home auger. These can be tricky, so call in a plumber if you are unsure. A home drain auger should be able to latch on to a clog and pull it out, but they sometimes end up pushing clogs down and making them harder to reach if you don’t use them properly.

The quality of the auger is certainly important, and the best quality tools come from professionals.

Call a Professional

By far, our best advice for most clogged drains is to let a professional handle the problem. Allowing pro plumbers to unclog the drains means there is a higher chance that you will have the problem solved properly the first time around.

They have the tools necessary for big clogs and small ones. It may turn out that you have a larger problem like tree roots in the sewer line or a deep sewer clog—which likely causes multiple drains in the house to clog. However, professional plumbers will inspect the issue and bring about a solution as quickly as possible.

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