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What’s the Reason for these Noises from My Air Conditioner?

You’re trying to get some sleep, but you cannot ignore the loud noises coming from your air conditioner whenever it cycles on. AC noises are usually more than just an annoyance. Any air conditioning issue should be checked out as soon as you notice it, so that a technician can prevent the problem from becoming much worse.

Common AC Noises Identified

Right now, that air conditioning sound might be something that you’re willing to let go on for a little longer. But you should know that the issue can get a whole lot worse if you ignore it for too long.

  • Banging: This noise might indicate some major issues with the compressor, like a loose component within. The problem is that the actual compressor can rarely be repaired. It’s likely that you need a replacement compressor. Call a technician today to give yourself time to prepare for this replacement. It’s better than dealing with a completely broken down AC unit in the middle of summer.
  • Squealing: You could just need a new belt for the motor, or it might even just need oiling. It’s a simple fix that helps the fan to run smoothly and efficiently, cutting down on your monthly bills.
  • Buzzing: A weird buzzing noise from the outside compressor unit could indicate wiring issues. Your air conditioner may be using a lot of energy to run, and it’s likely to break down at some point soon. Schedule repairs as soon as possible.
  • Rattling: A rattling noise could indicate a bent fan blade or a loose panel in the system, and even a small misalignment can force the unit to struggle. Schedule repairs even if the issue seems minor to you!

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