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What Are My Options for Air Conditioning with Radiators?

You’ve recently moved into a home that’s heated with radiant heaters rather than a traditional ducted system. It’s a wonderful way to heat a home. A boiler heats up water and sends it to an endpoint, like a baseboard heater or radiator, or else heat comes from pipes under the floorboard. The result is heat that lingers in the home and heats your body more effectively than warm air.

The only problem is that, without any ductwork in the home, you cannot install a conventional central air conditioning system. Ducted AC systems are the most popular type, and can be very convenient. So what can you do if you don’t have ducts?

Adding Ducts onto a Home

You can add ducts onto a home without any preexisting ventilation system. This can be costly and time-consuming. Parts of your home are out of commission for a while, and it may seem like a waste when you are not even planning to use the ducts for heating.

There is the possibility of adding a high-velocity mini-duct system to your home. A smaller duct system is less intrusive. The system is designed to work with the smaller ducts and cool your home sufficiently. Call a technician for more details.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini-split systems are an excellent option for those without any ductwork already in the home. Instead of forcing air through ducts, ductless systems have individual blower units with a fan inside. These units are mounted on the wall of various rooms of the home. They each connect to one outside unit, and you’re able to vary the temperature throughout the home.

Why Window AC Units Are a Poor Option

Cooling a home with individual AC units is, of course, an option. But it’s an inconvenient solution, and one that can add a lot to your monthly bills. Air conditioning systems are held to certain national standards for efficiency that window units are not expected to follow. Energy bills are much higher when trying to cool the home with individual window units, and they aren’t designed for the space in your home, which means you may not even be very comfortable.

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