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How to Prevent AC Repair Early in the Season

air-conditioning-maintenance-condenserAs you start to prepare for the warmer weather ahead and switch that thermostat into AC mode, you might not notice anything wrong. So, you’ll assume, you can go on running your air conditioner throughout the season without worry for now. But consider what happens if you do need air conditioning repair in the middle of the summer.

Midsummer AC repairs are a hassle. You may have to stop what you’re doing or cancel plans to call in a technician at one of the busiest times of year for contractors. Wouldn’t you rather take preventative measures to prevent repairs before they happen?

Schedule air conditioning maintenance early in the season

Preventing air conditioning repair is easy when you let a professional take care of your AC system early on in the season. That way, you can find out whether there are any problems with your system and take care of them, and you get a tune-up that may keep your system running smoothly for longer.

Air conditioning maintenance, also known as a tune-up, involves a few key steps.

  • Complete AC inspection – Technicians should look over the inside and outside components of your air conditioner and run tests to find components that are wearing down and those that need repair or replacement. They will report on the condition of your air conditioner to you, so that you can decide whether to schedule service.
  • Cleaning – Some parts of your air conditioner may need to be cleaned. Debris in the blower motor, for example, can cause it to jam. Most importantly, the outside unit contains a coil that collects a lot of debris and dirt over time, and cleaning this can help prevent a lot of performance issues.
  • Adjustment – Making a few adjustments here and there may also improve the state of your air conditioning system and help prevent a minor problem from turning into something much worse.

It’s important that you schedule this service early on in the summer or, preferably, during spring. Technicians will have greater availability, which means more appointment times, and it’s a lot more bearable to go without air conditioning during springtime while technicians do the work than if you waited until summer.

You’ll prevent AC repair and a lot more

Air conditioning maintenance helps to prevent air conditioning repair, but it also gives you peace of mind. Your air conditioner is more likely to run smoothly for longer, especially if you schedule regular appointments each year.

In addition, our customers love knowing that routine AC maintenance is saving them money. Air conditioners that can run more smoothly require less energy, which means you may notice a drop in your energy bills.

Regular maintenance appointments are valuable in so many ways. Chances are high that your air conditioner will last for years longer than it would have without regular maintenance appointments. In the long term, this service continues to offer savings.

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