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It’s Time to Schedule an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit

As the weather heats up, you need a reliable air conditioning system to get you through the warmest of days. But even the best air conditioning equipment is no good if you don’t take care of it. You can keep your air conditioner in good condition by changing the air filter regularly and calling for repairs as soon as you notice issues. But the best way to ensure the life of your air conditioning system is to schedule a maintenance visit with a professional technician.

What Is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

An air conditioning maintenance appointment involves much more than just changing the air filter. Professionals will carefully inspect the entire system, inside and out and check for any potential issues that you should know about. Then the expert will clean off many of the major components, and make a few key adjustments.

For example, technicians will clean off the outside coils so that the system is better able to dissipate heat. They may tighten electrical systems and lubricate motors as needed, among other tests and adjustments.

The Benefits of an AC Maintenance Visit

When you schedule air conditioning maintenance each year (preferably before the summer is in full swing), you may notice any of the following benefits.

  • Better Performance – With regular tune-ups, you’re likely to notice that the AC performs better overall.
  • Greater Efficiency – When all of the parts run smoothly, the air conditioner uses less energy to run, which reflects positively on your bills.
  • Prolonged Lifespan – If an air conditioning system receives regular maintenance, it may outlive its expected lifespan, with fewer repairs over time.

Call VOGT Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for an air conditioning tune-up in Plymouth, MN and the surrounding areas today! Ask about joining our maintenance club for twice yearly maintenance visits for your heating and cooling systems and additional benefits including priority service.

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