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It’s Time for Your Annual AC Maintenance Visit

Half of your air conditioner is hidden out of view inside of your home, while the other half sits in a large cabinet outdoors, which can get noisy and which you generally ignore. Many people rarely think about the state of their air conditioners. Out of sight, out of mind, right? That is, until the air conditioner fails.

Why You Should Schedule a Maintenance Visit

Annual air conditioning maintenance visits can help to improve the state of your AC system and actually prevent the air conditioner from breaking down in the first place. This is certainly preferable to waiting for the air conditioner to break down and then rushing to find a technician to call for emergency service.

What Happens During Maintenance

An annual maintenance visit is essentially a tune-up of your system. A technician makes some adjustments here and there as needed, but anything big may need to be delayed and scheduled for a later date when the technician has the right supplies and the time to make a repair. The technician may:

  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Oil and lubricate motors
  • Check voltage and system pressures
  • Clean the outside coil

All of this can help keep your air conditioner in better shape, and your technician will notify you if any problems are detected that require your attention.

Why We Recommend Service in the Spring

It’s typically best to schedule a maintenance visit before the weather starts to get too warm. Waiting too long to schedule service can become a hassle, as technicians might be servicing your AC on a warm day when you’d like to be running your system.

Besides, AC maintenance in the spring can help ensure you get all the benefits of a service visit throughout the summer:

  • Lower monthly bills
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Early detection of system trouble
  • Better comfort all season long

Call our friendly technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service and to learn about our maintenance program available to homeowners near Minneapolis, MN!


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