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Is Your Air Conditioner Tuned Up and Ready for Summer?

Don’t let your AC system fail you when you need it most. Prevent major breakdowns and more by scheduling annual maintenance for your air conditioner—and doing it soon!

We typically recommend AC maintenance visits in the early spring. Getting a tune-up for your air conditioner helps the parts to run in better condition, preventing sudden failure and more. You might notice:

  • Fewer repairs – It’s very likely that you won’t notice any problems with your AC, or only a few small problems, after a thorough tune-up.
  • Lower bills – You might notice that your bills drop after a tune-up, since a well-tuned system requires less energy to run.
  • A cooler home – Your home may get cooler faster than it did at the end of the last cooling season.

And your air conditioner could even last for longer than it typically would!

So how does a technician help you to accomplish maximum efficiency for your air conditioner?

  • An inspection – An inspection of your air conditioning system may reveal repairs that need to be made ASAP in order for your air conditioning system to operate smoothly and efficiently. It’s better to get them taken care of now than to wait for the system to break down completely in the middle of summer.
  • A tune-up – A tune-up of your air conditioning system involves tightening screws, securing electrical connections, oiling motors, and more—all of which makes the system operate more smoothly.
  • Cleaning – Dirt does more harm to your air conditioner than you might expect. A dirty outside coil can interfere with the heat exchange process, and cleaning it annually can help to prevent some pretty serious AC problems later on.

VOGT Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides AC tune-ups in South Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Call us today!

HVAC TECHNICIANS! We are in full swing air conditioning season and urgently looking to hire new HVAC technicians, warehouse help, electricians and install assistants. Call for details!

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