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How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

When your air conditioning system stops functioning the way it once did, your biggest concern is often whether or not the system needs replacement. A new air conditioning system may not be in the budget quite yet, but if the older one is consuming too much energy or just not functioning at all, it may be your best bet. Thankfully, today’s systems are highly efficient, and you may notice that the new system performs even better than your old one did when you first purchased it.

Is My Air Conditioner Finally Failing?

An air conditioning system failure does not necessarily indicate the need for replacement. There are so many parts that contribute to the steady operation of your AC that you may end up only replacing a single component. You’ll have to consult with a technician to know for sure, but any of these signs may indicate that replacement could be the best decision.

  • Too Many Repairs – Do you seem to be making far too many AC repairs through the years? Replacing the entire system is a more cost-effective option than replacing the unit part-by-part, so it might be time to consider looking for a new AC rather than making that costly repair.
  • High Energy Bills – Regular air conditioning maintenance should keep your bills from spiraling out of control. If you still notice high bills after a maintenance visit, the system may be too old to operate smoothly, or it may have been the wrong size for your home to start with.
  • Old Age – Depending on the age of the system, replacing it now may be a good option just so that you don’t have to deal with it later on. If you wait for the system to break down for good, you’ll have to go without AC for a long period of time during the installation process. Choosing to replace a struggling 10-15 year old system today gives you a lot more time to plan.

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