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How to Clean Your Air Filter: A Step-by-Step Guide

The air filter of your HVAC system plays a major role in your health and your comfort. The blower fan in your air conditioning unit sucks in air so that it can be conditioned and sent back to the home. It could also suck in particles that would reduce the quality of the indoor air or damage your air conditioning system. Most technicians recommend cleaning or replacing the air filter (depending on whether or not it is washable) every month (or up to 3 months, depending on use). Here’s our step-by-step guide for completing this task.

Finding the air filter

Of course, the most important step in cleaning the air filter is finding it in the first place. The filter can actually be in one of several locations. It can be on the air conditioning unit itself, but it might be behind a return grille on the wall or ceiling. Search behind grilles around the home or ask your technician for help.

Proper cleaning method

Keep in mind that you can only clean a filter that is reusable. Disposable filters should be thrown away and replaced, but a washable filter is a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option.

  • Remove the filter – you may need to use a screwdriver for this step.
  • Check for tears – any small tears in the filter can mean that it needs replacing.
  • Use a vacuum – vacuum any loose debris around the filter, using a brush attachment to remove anything that is stuck onto the filter.
  • Hose it off – use a standard garden hose (but keep it at low pressure) to rinse off the filter in the opposite direction of airflow.
  • Dry it out – wait a couple of hours before returning the filter to the system.

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