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How a Clean Air Conditioning System Makes a Difference

Mechanical and electrical issues are not the only problems you can encounter with an AC system. Something as seemingly harmless as a little bit of dust can make a major difference in how well your air conditioner works. A few components should always remain as clean as possible if you want to get cool air efficiently.

The Outside Coil

There is a large coil in the outside unit of your air conditioning system that helps with releasing heat into the air around it. Heat dissipates into the air as refrigerant condenses within this coil. The heat exchange process, moving heat from the inside of your home to the outdoor air, is ultimately what helps to cool down your home. A dirty coil interferes with its ability to cool your home, which is just one of the reasons it’s so important to keep it clean. A technician will clean it off during your annual maintenance visit.

The Filter

The air filter in your heating and air conditioning systems may not seem like a component that could do damage, but it certainly can if it becomes too dirty. A clogged air filter has so much debris that it could block out the flow of air that normally enters the system, resulting in longer run times and lowered efficiency. Change your filter once a month or once every 3 months.

The Blower Components

If too much dirt gets into the blower fan and around the motor, the one responsible for sucking air into your home and pushing it back out through the ducts, the system may struggle. The dirt can cause friction that wears out the fan and inhibits airflow. During an air conditioning maintenance visit, a technician can inspect the unit and may also disassemble the blower components if they seem to be affected by dirt buildup.

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