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4 Ways to Get Better AC Efficiency without Spending Much

With these tips, all you need to buy is an air filter and maybe a bit of sealant. Save money for the rest of the summer without giving up your comfort! Check out our advice for getting better efficiency from your central air conditioner.

#1: Keep your home well-sealed

Ensuring that doors and windows are closed really makes a difference in your bills. In addition, if you know of any major leaks around the windows and doors, you should get these sealed up. This may be doable as an afternoon DIY project, using caulking and weather stripping to keep heat from getting into your home and affecting AC efficiency.

#2: Find your thermostat manual

So many people spend way more than they need to simply because they are not using their thermostats right. Look for your thermostat manual, search for information online, or call a technician for help understanding the programming options. This way you can make smarter energy choices in advance, having the AC adjust 7-10 degrees automatically when you leave for work, and go back right before you return.

#3: Keep it clean

A little bit of debris on the top of the outside unit can do a lot of damage. Clear off the unit if it’s got debris on it, and do your best to keep heat moving out of the system efficiently. A technician can do a more thorough job of cleaning the condenser coil during a maintenance visit.

#4: Change the filter

This does come with a cost. But it’s worth it for the added efficiency and to protect your AC. A clean filter keeps air moving through the system with ease. Dirty filters block out air, making it a lot harder for the system to work and causing potential breakdowns. Stock up on filters so that you don’t have to worry about making a trip to the store each month.

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