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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Central Air Conditioner

air-conditioner-outside-unitThose of us with central air conditioning know there’s nothing like it. Opening up a window to let in some air just isn’t the same as turning on your air conditioner from a central thermostat and knowing the home will be cooled to your specifications. But there’s also a lot you may not know about this system you use every day in the summer, including how it works in multiple ways to keep you comfortable.

Your air conditioner removes heat

Heat is an energy. It’s something that can be generated, or produced, unlike “cool.” Cooling is not something that can be generated, necessarily, so air conditioners use another method to make the air cooler: removing heat.

It all starts with refrigerant, a chemical blend which, as you may know, cycles from the inside portions of your air conditioner to the outside components. Refrigerant is capable of absorbing and releasing heat under the right temperature and pressure. So, with the help of components like a compressor, condenser coil, and evaporator coil, refrigerant is able to absorb heat from the inside of the home and move that heat to the outdoors.

Air conditioners are also dehumidifiers

Your air conditioner removes heat, and it also removes humidity. Relative humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. When humidity levels are too high, you don’t feel very comfortable because there is too much moisture in the air for sweat to effectively evaporate from your body (its natural cooling process).

Thankfully, your air conditioner’s got it under control. A coil in the system gets quite cold, and as warm air passes over it, moisture in the air naturally condenses onto the coil. This moisture then drips into a drain pan, relieving your air of some level of humidity.

Your air conditioner can clean the air

It’s been proven that air conditioning has a positive effect on allergy sufferers. Air passes through a filter before it recirculates into your home. That filter can remove particulate such as pet dander and pollen from the air.

We should warn you, however, that some filters are not very effective, and are designed in large part to protect the air conditioner itself. And filters that are too effective can actually block airflow from moving throughout your AC system, something that can cause major problems for your equipment. Contact a technician before making any changes to the filtration in your home, and change the filter every three months to prevent blockage.

You can control your air conditioner from anywhere

Do you know about the latest advancements in air conditioning technology? The Wi-Fi thermostat has everyone talking about their air conditioning and heating systems these days. The best part is that many Wi-Fi thermostats are universal, meaning you don’t have to replace your air conditioner to get this technology in your home.

Arriving home late from work? Delay any pre-programmed settings so you don’t waste energy while you are away. Coming home early from vacation? Turn on the air conditioner from the airport so you arrive to a cool home, all with an app on your smartphone!

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