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3 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Summertime weather can be a relief in our area, but running the air conditioning system throughout the day gets expensive. We want to help you save money on cooling this upcoming season, so you can enjoy the weather and use your money on something fun! Take a look at our tips for saving money and staying comfortable all season long.

Cool Your Home Naturally

In the mornings, open up the windows, and when the sun comes out, shut the curtains. The simplest steps can help to reduce your dependence on your air conditioner and prevent extra strain on the system. Ceiling fans can help when used together with an AC. You should also try to avoid using heating appliances in the daytime, like your dryer or dishwasher.

Schedule Maintenance

It’s not too late! Schedule an AC maintenance visit today in order to get your air conditioner into shape for the summer. This includes and inspection, clean up, and tuning of the system that may ultimately help to improve performance and efficiency. Most local HVAC technicians offer this service in your area. Just make sure you’re working with experienced people you can trust.

Reassess Your Temperature Needs

One of the biggest mistakes people make is setting the thermostat too low when they want to cool down the home quickly. Setting the thermostat to 65° will not help cool the home any faster. It will only make it colder, unnecessarily! We recommend keeping the temperature at 78° or around there most of the time when you are home, and increasing the temperature by 10° when no one is home.

If you want to keep an eye on the thermostat settings, consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat that you can control from an app on your smart phone.

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