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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Air Conditioner

For the most part, you don’t worry too much about how your air conditioner works. All you’re focused on is setting the thermostat and calling a technician from time to time. However, there are a few things we think you should know about your air conditioner if you want to get the best in performance from your system. Take a look!

Air conditioners help to control the humidity

You know that your air conditioner cools down your home, but did you know it can also keep humidity levels low? High humidity makes it difficult to get comfortable in the summer because all that moisture in the air makes your body unable to evaporate sweat. As warm, humid air blows over the cool evaporator coil of your air conditioner, condensation causes water to collect on the coil. This then drains into a condensate drain system.

Changing the filter protects your system

Any technician will encourage you to change or clean your air filter every month. But many homeowners don’t do this if they haven’t noticed any problems with the system or with their air quality. However, an air filter isn’t only there for your health. Filters were designed to prevent debris from damaging the AC. If your filter is clogged, the AC cannot get enough airflow, and parts may become overworked and damaged.

An improperly sized system can fail long before its expected lifespan

When air conditioning systems begin to run into trouble only a few years after installation, it’s often due to a system that is oversized or undersized. Air conditioners are designed to cool a given amount of space, and that’s why it’s so important to have a technician carefully inspect your home before selecting a new AC unit. An undersized unit will have to work too hard to reach the temperature on the thermostat, while an oversized AC may short-cycle.

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