When Should You Replace a Sump Pump?

Monday, February 27th, 2017

plumbing-flood-homeTo many homeowners in our area, the sump pump is an invaluable device. Without it, you may have to worry about flooding in your basement or crawlspace, which leads to major property damage, and the potential for mold and mildew to develop. And that’s something you certainly want to avoid.

You can prevent your sump pump from failing when you need it most by replacing an older sump pump before it breaks. You don’t want to wait for your basement to flood before doing so, but how can you tell it’s time for a replacement?

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Problems with My Comfort System: Is the Thermostat Broken?

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Digital-Thermostat-HandWhen you change the settings on the thermostat, it can take a minute or two before you hear the fan set in. The fan is delayed for a moment due to safety settings that ensure the heating/AC equipment works properly before air moves into your home. But if, after a couple of minutes, you hear nothing coming from the vents, should you be worried?

Many people assume the thermostat is responsible when there is a problem with the heating and air conditioning systems. This may be the case, but it’s likely you’ll need to call in a technician to resolve a larger problem with your HVAC equipment. Learn more about thermostats and common problems with a heating and air conditioning system from the guide below.

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